Captains Chair

    While exploring some of the shipyards in Ballard, Washington, I came across some of the crab boats from the Deadliest Catch reality show. I spent some time photographing the F/V Kodiak and was on my way out when I crossed paths with a man heading towards the boat. He seemed like a friendly guy so I asked if he worked on the Kodiak. His name was Laxi Gatelli, and not only was he working on the boat, he owned it along with three other crab boats in the fleet.

    After talking a bit he invited me onboard. I had to ask, “Is it possible for me to go checkout the wheelhouse?” Laxi replied, “Sure! Just excuse the mess.” He led me in, gave me a quick tour, then let me poke around and snap some photos by myself, as long as I promised him I wouldn’t fall down the stairs. I grabbed a few photos and even sat in the captains chair for a bit.

    It is interesting how quickly things can change and how easily I could’ve missed the opportunity to meet Laxi and get a private tour of the boat. Instead of just grabbing an image or two from the dock I hung around a bit and photographed a few other boats. It was on my way out that I bumped into Laxi. I might be lucky, but I also do what I can to put the odds in my favor. When you are pursuing your passion, where do you sit?

Hasselblad 500C
Ektar 100



Mother’s Restaurant

    Back in April I made it back to New Orleans, one of my favorite cities. Having lunch at Mother’s, (and breakfast, and dinner) was high on my priority list. My favorite item on the menu is the Shrimp Po’ boy. It is one monstrous and beautifully crafted sandwich. While enjoying my Po’ Boy, tragedy struck as one of my fried shrimp fell out of my sandwich and onto the floor. To make up for my loss, I went back two other times.

    Mothers is located at the corner of Poydras and Tchoupitoulas street, a few blocks from the French Quarter. One of the ways that I find these food hotspots or must visit restaurants while traveling, I find restaurants that are featured on Man Vs. Food. So far this technique hasn’t failed me and it’s greatly recommended. If you find yourself in NOLA and make your way to Mother’s, be sure to go an hour or two after lunch to avoid the crazy lunch rush.

Camera: Hasselblad 500C
Film: Ektar 100

Mother's Restaurant New Orleans

French Quarter New Orleans

Milky Way

    Early last week I ventured out into the night in the Texas Hill Country to capture the Milky Way as it rose above the horizon. The majority of the night was spent star gazing and snapping photos. The last image is a 14 image pano.